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Chandigarh is a well planned city of India. It is a Union Territory of India and also serves as capital city of Punjab and Haryana. The city is renowned all over the world for its excellent urban planning and architectural magnificence. Some of the most acclaimed Architects like Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Matthew Nowicki, and Albert Mayer are associated with the projects of Chandigarh. “The City Beautiful” Chandigarh has the distinction of being the place with the highest per capita income among the Indian Union Territories and states. It has emerged as one of the major commercial hubs of the region.

Excellent Urban Planning
Located near the foothills of Shivalik Range, the city of Chandigarh is remarkable of excellent urban planning. The planned and sustained planning has made the place haven for property investment. The city was designed by the famous architect Le Corbusier. Chandigarh is divided into units called sectors which are the self-sufficient locality with proper space for living, working and leisure. All the sectors are connected with one another by a road and path network developed along the line of the 7 Vs. Further, the city is divided into rectangular patterns that form identical looking sectors. Apart from this planned designing, the city is supporting of high class basic amenities. The facility of 24 hour water and electricity supply has made the city more hospitable. The local transportation system is very advanced making all the places in the city quite accessible.

Real Estate in Chandigarh
Chandigarh has emerged as one of the hot spots for real estate market. Availability of reputed educational institutes, advanced healthcare centers, modern IT Parks, etc. have given a big boost to the Property Scenario in Chandigarh. All kinds of industrial and commercial properties are available in Chandigarh. The land & plots in Chandigarh are available at the moderate rates at the moment and they promise good return of investment in the near future. Many residential and commercial complexes have come up in the regions of Chandigarh. Private and public players have worked for the development of real estate market in the city. The investors from all over the world especially NRIs are investing in the Chandigarh property and have changed the face of real estate development in Chandigarh.